Ultimate Solar Energy Masterclass from Zero to Hero

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- 95% Ultimate Solar Energy Masterclass from Zero to Hero
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Learn everything about PV solar energy from A to Z for beginners including solar energy basics and PV system design

Ultimate Solar Energy Masterclass from Zero to Hero
Ultimate Solar Energy Masterclass from Zero to Hero



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​Welcome To Our Course “Ultimate Solar Energy Masterclass from Zero to Hero”

This course is designed for anyone who would like to learn about solar energy from A to Z for electrical engineers, solar designers, and all who are interested in working in the solar energy field.

What are you going to learn in this course?

  • Construction of the PV(Photovoltaic) cells, the connection of PV cells including series and parallel and when to use each of them, advantages and disadvantages of PV cells

  • Sun tracking to get max output power from PV Cells and techniques of MPPT (Maximum power point Tracking)

  • Effect of insolation, temperature and load resistance on power

  • Grid-Tied system, its components, advantages, and disadvantages

  • Off-Grid system, its components, advantages, and disadvantages

  • Hybrid Solar system, its components, advantages, and disadvantages

  • Different Types of solar cells and their efficiency, junction box and how to wire it

  • Determination of the PV max voltage and power consumption demands

  • Solar PV System design including design of PV modules, inverter, battery, solar charge controller, and MPPT charge controller.

  • Protection of PV system, strings, and protection of arrays.

  • Difference between 3 busbars and 5 busbars and how to select AC busbar and DC busbar.

  • Protection devices for transformer, inverter protection, and surge protection device.

  • Grounding of the PV system and solar kit.

  • On-grid system design by hand calculations.

  • On-grid system design by PVsyst program.

  • Off-grid system design an extra example.

  • Off-grid system design by using the PVsyst program.

  • Solar cells, modules, and arrays.

  • Parallel and series connection in PV System.

  • Effect of temperature and insolation on V-I Curve.

  • Construction and types of batteries.

  • Charging of lead-acid batteries and hydrometers.

  • Maintenance of batteries and methods of charging.

  • The cycle of batteries.

  • Importance of the charge controller.

  • Selection and datasheet of the panel.

  • Inverter selection.

  • PV energy according to Area.

  • Shading and tilt angle.

  • How to get a free license from Autodesk and activate Autocad?

  • Starting Autocad and changing background.

  • Drawing a line in Autocad.

  • Drawing a rectangle in Autocad.

  • Drawing a circle in Autocad.

  • Drawing a polygon in Autocad.

  • Drawing an arc in Autocad.

  • Drawing a polyline in Autocad.

  • Multiple lines using the offset feature.

  • Adding text to Autocad.

  • Extending lines in Autocad.

  • Selection in Autocad.

  • F-shortcuts in Autocad.

  • Dimensions in Autocad.

  • Multi spiral line and MLD in Autocad.

  • Block and explode commands in Autocad.

  • Move and scale commands in Autocad.

  • Rotate, mirror, and fillet commands in Autocad.

  • Area calculation and adding a layer in Autocad.

  • Saving your file and autosave feature.

  • Drawing fluorescent symbol using Autocad.

  • Autocad classic model and workspace.

  • Single line diagram of the PV system and selection of fuses and breakers.

  • Simulation of PV cell in MATLAB and obtaining V-I characteristics.

  • Design of Off-grid PV system using an Excel sheet.

  • Function, types, and datasheet of inverter

  • PWM and MPPT charge controllers

  • Solar wires and cables installation process

  • PV installation, short circuit and open circuit tests using avometer

  • Principle of operation of the solar water pumping system

  • Solar pumping system design

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