11+ Best Android Course in Java & Kotlin [2021 Updated]

Android Development is the Most Demanding skill needed as we have about 80% of users using Android as their Communication Device. Now, Android is everywhere from Mobile to TV, and it’s taking over many Devices like Cars, Home Appliances & Watches, etc. So, we have gone through more than 50+ Online courses for Android Development and Picked up Top 10 Android Development Courses. We have sorted these tutorials based on the quality of the course, Availability, Topic Covered, and Pricing (Free & Paid).

Top Android Development Course on Kotlin

Kotlin is a very popular programming Language and Android officially supports Kotlin for Android language besides Java. So, Many students prefer Kotlin for their Android Development. Below are a few of Best Android Development courses using Kotling Language.

1. The Complete Android 10 & Kotlin Development Masterclass

$12.99 $159
Learn Android 10 App Development From Beginner to Advanced Developer. Build Apps like Trello, 7Min Workout, Weather App

2. Android App Development Masterclass using Kotlin

$12.99 $159
Learn Kotlin Android App Development And Become an Android Developer. Incl. Kotlin Tutorial and Android Tutorial Videos

3. Complete Android Development with Kotlin Masterclass

$15.99 $159
Learn Android Development from Scratch Using Android Studio 4+ and Android Q

Best Android Development Course using Java

Java is used for the beginning of the Android Development and most of the developers prefer using Java as they are familiar with the language and they use this language for other projects too. So, here are some of the top Java Android tutorials you can pick from.

1. Full Android Course with 14 Real Apps – 42 Hours

$11.99 $159
This is the most comprehensive Android app development course. Enroll & learn Android development with hands-on examples

2. The Comprehensive 2021 Android Development Masterclass

$13.99 $159
Master Modern Android API’s: ROOM Database, ML Kit Face Recognition, Firestore, Firebase, Maps and Android Studio IDE

3. Android Java Masterclass – Become an App Developer

$19.99 $159
Improve your career options by learning Android app Development. Master Android Studio and build your first app today

4. Android App Development Bootcamp 2021 – Build a portfolio!

$10.99 $159
Android App Development for complete beginners, make beautiful apps, get a job in 2021, Java AND Kotlin!

Free Android Course and Trial Offers

1. Google: Associate Android Developer (AAD)

Enroll to pluralsight Google Android Associate program.

2. The Android O and Java Developer Course – Build 9 Full Apps

FREE 14 Days Trial $10
Skillshare’s Android Development Course free trial.

3. Master of Android Development: Build and Publish Your Mobile Apps!

FREE 14 Days Trial $10
Will you share your android application with us here for the class project using either the application you build immediately in the course.

4. Android Development Courses from Linkedin

1 Month Free $10
Get the training you need to stay ahead with expert-led courses on Android Development.

So, These are the Best Courses for Learning Android Development online. The Courses are from top online learning platforms like Udemy, Pluralsight, Skillshare & Linked Learning. You can use udemy Coupon to get Courses at discount of up to 97% and get any courses at about $10 using Udemy Coupon Code.

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